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21st July 2024




Justin Francis Mc Burnie was known to be hilarious at times but he was forceful in his beliefs

A longstanding member of the media, a preacher in his own rights, and a politician with many promises

Commonly known as “Crow”, Mc Bernie established the Good Old Democratic Party (GOD), also known as Good Old Democracy around 1978 while being employed as Clerical Officer in the office of the late Prime Minister Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

G.O.D first contested national elections in 1990, when it received only six votes for its one candidate and failed to win a seat. In the 1995 elections, it received 16 votes (three candidates) and again failed to win a seat. In 1999 it fielded three candidates, but received only twelve votes, reduced to ten (two candidates) in 2003, and just three (one candidate) in 2008. This total rose to 14 (two candidates) in 2013; – his persistence in the realm of politics.

Mc Burnie’s contribution to the media began in the 1970s in print and television.

His last stint was with the Grenada Informer where he was not only assigned to the marketing department but also as a staff writer for editorials and other opinion pieces that focused on the economic and sustainable development of the country before his retirement.

He died on Monday 19th January 2021 after a prolonged period of illness.

The executive and members of the Media Workers Association of Grenada expressed condolences to the family of veteran media worker Justin “Crowe” McBurnie after his passing.

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