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17th July 2024




Chairman of the Caribbean Examinations Council Professor Sir Hilary Beckles remains confident in the structure of the modified approach to exams administered for CSEC and CAPE in July and August.

This as he delivered the results of the Independent Review Team Report on Sunday.

The modified approach to the administration of CSEC and CAPE has been deemed to be educationally and technically sound.

Sir Hilary Beckles says the system of marking and assessment is quality assured despite the complaints from hundreds of students around the Caribbean.

He however attributes the lack of proper grading for some students to a breakdown in communication.

These misunderstandings Sir Hilary says led to public outcry from expected outcomes and actual results.

He admits to technical challenges in communication between CXC and some schools in which CXC could have responded quicker to students’ concerns.

Notwithstanding the logistical and technical challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the CXC chairman says relationships within the system must become more effective.

The council has accepted the recommendations made and Sir Hilary says they hope to immediately implement solutions in a strategy based on medium to long term reforms.


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