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17th May 2024




The threat overshadows the epidemiological standpoint and control of the covid-19 pandemic is the rational for another slate of curfew which went into force on Monday night.

This was the response from minister of health Nickolas Steele as he was probed by the media on Tuesday.

Another confirmed case of covid-19 was also announced during Tuesday’s post cabinet brief.

The active cases stand at 12 and total for Grenada at 139 plus the global spread of the virus substantiated the rational for another state of emergency proclamation on Monday.

Minister for Health Nickolas Steele says the threat of Covid 19 presently is greater than any time in the history of the pandemic.

He says it outweighs the free movement of Grenadians as they seek to restrict interactions that are unnecessary.

The entertainment industry has been adversely affected by the lockdown and curfews of 2020 plus the cancellation of carnival and a curl in the festive Christmas season.

Musicians, artists and local bands who depend on events during the festive seasons or the local night life have had their livelihoods thrown out the window.

Local entertainers may even have a more dismal future as Minister Steele admits that some hotels where these entertainers perform are at the point of closure.

He says the epidemiological situation for Grenada has since improved after the December cluster thus an easement has been given.

Further easements Steele adds will depend on the level of compliance and possible future effects of the new strains which are highly contagious.

Minister Steele also noted that new revised travel protocols guiding quarantine dictates that COVID-19 tests will now be done on day five and persons are expected to quarantine for a minimum of 7 days.

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