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18th June 2024




Workers at the River Sallee Cooperative Credit Union were out protesting on Friday morning calling on their employers to keep their promise to sign a collective agreement.

Workers of the River Sallee Credit Union downed tools Friday morning seeking the support of the public as they call for the board of directors to sign an MOU agreed upon in 2021.

According to the union representatives at the Technical and Allied Workers Union, the board of directors of the credit union agreed to sign a collective labour agreement for the period 2014 to 2019.

The document is yet to be signed.

President General of TAWU Andre Lewis says as recently as Monday, August 29th at a joint meeting held with workers union representatives and members of the board.

The president said that on Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 they received a letter from the union stating that they are no longer willing to sign the collective agreement. The workers are demanding that the board keep its word.

President General Lewis is asking other credit unions on the island to stay out of the industrial action.

Vice president of the River Sallee Credit Union Frank Philbert told GBN that the board had no comment on the matter.

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