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25th May 2024




The debate and aggression the bill in question has ensued the government to hold back on the tabling of the bill in parliament on Wednesday.
The COVID-19 Control Bill 2020 has received islandwide outrage from many individuals and parties as well as Grenadians in the Diaspora. Reports of planned protests by a youth-led group among others at the Ministerial Complex on Monday and at the Parliament Building on Wednesday when the bill was scheduled to be tabled were received by GBN on Sunday.

Sources have also reported that the Grenada Bar Association as is customary was not given the opportunity to peruse the bill before it was scheduled to be tabled in parliament.

Included is a copy of the bill which is being viewed as controversial and would have far reaching effects on Grenada’s Constitution and the rights of the people.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Control Bill, 2020 (1)

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