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17th June 2024




Grenada’s national security minister has announced a slew of measures which he thinks will make the police force and other units more effective.

He plans to get rid of the squabbling caused by police promotions. if he has his way, fire trucks will be stationed in all parishes and at least three police stations will be re-located.

Government’s budget allocation for the RGPF for next year is EC$51.6 million dollars. Her Majesty’s Prisons is earmarked to receive EC$9.6 million.

High on the agenda for those agencies, is the creation of independent management systems.

National Security Minister, Prime Minister Dr. Keith announced in parliament that a lot of emphasis  be placed on  the Police Force, customs and excise; and immigration departments.

The prime minister’s plan extends to the inland revenue department

And the constant battle surrounding promotions within the force will also be addressed.

Whenever promotions are announced, there are claims about a lack of transparency and accusations that favoritism is shown to persons with political leanings.

The National Security Minister says legislative guidelines are being drafted to avoid the squabbling and legal challenges which have dogged the promotions program over the years.

Three police stations will be relocated as part of the overall improvement initiative.

Firefighting also came up for discussion and he highlighted the fact that there’s no equipment in St David, which is now the only parish without fire trucks.

Two units have been shipped to Grenada, one if which be sent to the sister island of Petite Martinique.


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