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18th July 2024




On Monday staff of the Confucius Classroom (CC) at T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) visited four homes for the elderly to donate gift items such as food, drinks and toiletries.

The visit was part of activities to mark the Double-Ninth Festival, a special day for elders in China.

The Double Ninth holiday falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, hence the name ‘Double-Ninth’.

The holiday symbolizes longevity, making it the perfect day to respect the elders.

The visiting TAMCC team included Mr. Xu Jiaqing, Resident Director of Confucius Classroom, Ms. Hadassah Roberts, Co-director; teachers Ms. Chang Qing, Ms. Tan Jingjing, and Ms. Yang Heng, along with several volunteer students at TAMCC.

Representatives from the China Agricultural Mission who contributed fruits and vegetables; and a representative from the Ministry of Social Development, Social Worker Ms. Carla Bailey also accompanied the mission.

The four Homes — St. Martin’s Home for the Aged, St. Cecilia’s Home for the Aged, Chichester’s Nursing Home and Grand Anse Home for the Aged warmly welcomed the group.

Two other private individuals also received donations.

Another activity to mark the occasion was a lecture on celebrating the Festival, which was held at the Chinese Culture Experience Centre, Confucius Classroom last Friday, October 4th.

Faculty and students received a detailed introduction to the Chinese Elders’ daily life.

The CC at TAMCC was established on October 23, 2015 and is the only institute in Grenada that promotes Chinese language.

Its focus is to provide the opportunity to those who are interested in gaining knowledge of Chinese language and culture, and to also strengthen the relationship between Grenada and China.


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