Grenada Broadcasting Network

22nd June 2024




Community tourism is the thrust being promoted by the ministry of tourism and Grenada Tourism Authority, with major developments occurring within the rural communities.

Tourism minister Claris Modeste Curwen highlights on some of the initiatives being rolled out within the sector.

She says significant increases in Air B and B have sparked notable improvements in room stock and air lift; boosting the competitiveness of Grenada’s tourism product.

Minister for tourism Claris Modeste Curwen says they have opened up the Air B and B licensing agreement to raise room stock.

“Previously the Grenada Tourism Authority was only mandated to license accommodations that were three rooms and up. To facilitate Air B&B cabinet has approved the licensing from one room so that anybody who has accommodations can be licensed.”

Modeste believes community tourism would be further promoted, noting that they have taken other steps to support tourism in rural areas.

She highlights that the Colombian experts together with the community tourism department of Jamaica and Cuba have all been sourced to assist with the initiative.

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