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20th July 2024




Scores of Grenadians have begun accessing medical services by the US navy hospital ship comfort.

On Monday media personnel were invited aboard the vessel and given a tour of the medical sites.

During the tour of the facilities GBN caught up with Francis Jeffery, just before he left the ship after his eye operation.

Before his operation, vision in his right eye was restricted; now his story is quite different.

Highlighting on his experience which he says was an excellent operation as some of his vision is now repaired, he is encouraging people a bit hesitant to get checked.

Dominic Mc Lawrence was anxious to get back home to share the good news of regaining his vision.

Mc Lawrence came all the way from the sister isle of Carriacou to have surgery done aboard the Naval ship.

Having done pterygium on three occasions, Mc Lawerance suffered in pain for quite some time, with little improvement to his sight.

Mc Lawerance says complete healing is guaranteed within a week.

Aboard the vessel patients are able to access general surgery for  Hernia, cataract removal, among others, while at the mainland’s two locations general medicine, pediatric medicine, dental services, optometry and screenings are offered.

Grenada is the Ships’ seventh stop since their mission began back in June this year.

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