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16th July 2024




Teachers employed by the state are assured of a 13 percent salary increase over the next three years.

The government and the Grenada union of teachers inked their agreement this morning, on an deal that covers salary and fringe benefits for the period 2023 – 2025.

A 13% salary increase for the period 2023- 2025   for teachers was one of the many collective agreements signed between the Grenada Union of Teachers and the Government of Grenada.

In a GBN exclusive, President of the Grenada Union of Teachers Jude Bartholomew explained that the negotiation process started in December 2022 and dubbed it a historic one, due to the speedy conclusion and the fact that there was no industrial action taken by workers.

The president outlined the breakdown of the 13%.

New fringe benefits were also agreed upon by both parties.

The official signing of the agreement was held on Wednesday Morning in the Ministry of work’s conference room.  All bargaining parties expressed their excitement about the smooth completion of the agreement in a timely fashion.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchel who witnessed the signing of the documents, made a clarion call to other trade unions to follow the footsteps of the GUT.

This is the first collective agreement to be signed between the new NDC administration and Unions on the island for the year 2023.

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