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19th May 2024




The rift between the Ruling New National Party and its St. George North East Representative may be widening.

General Secretary of the NNP, Roland Bhola has confirmed that Tobias Clement was absent from a meeting held in his constituency at the Boca Secondary School on Tuesday.

Bhola in an exclusive interview with GBN, saysthe decision to call the meeting is in accordance with the party’s constitution.

Bhola says it’s no secret that the relationship between Clement and the NNP has been strained for a while.

It was the party’s belief that the meeting served as a good opportunity for Clement to address his constituents who had not heard from their MP in months.

Regarding the way forward for Clement and the NNP, disciplinary measures have not been ruled out.

Bhola told GBN the NNP executive is still awaiting a decision from Clement on his way forward.

Tobias won the St George North East seat on the NNP ticket in the 2013 and 2018 general elections.

In April of this year he put the house on notice that he was contemplating returning to the House from a ‘different standpoint.’

GBN placed several calls to Mr. Clement for comment, however all went unanswered.

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