Grenada Broadcasting Network

13th April 2024




With internet Interruptions Island wide on Monday not everyone got to witness the delivery of opposition leader Tobias clement

For the sake of history one should take a moment to see for themselves the sitting of the House of Representatives to get a better understanding of what chain, lock and no key signifies

Tobias Clement put GBN on notice that he will be coming full force in the budget debate on Monday; but the chain and lock he pulled was beyond one’s imagination.

The opposition leader took the floor to deliver his response mid-morning and he did not mince words as he said he’s no lover of drama but not afraid to finish a war.

Clement reminding all that the world watches; dipped for his chain and padlock which he noted he had no keys for; but the Speaker of the House of Representatives Michael Pierre was just as prepared for what he considered Clement’s drama

The punch line came at the end of Clement’s presentation, while he was still chained to the table.

Clement was allowed to make his full presentation of two hours.

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