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14th June 2024




A number of activities will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the advent of the Grenada revolution on March 13th.

The committee spearheading the celebrations has planned a 3 month period of observances, geared at raising awareness on what would have transpired during the revolution, together with its pros and cons.

Organizers are seeking the interest of the youthful populace, in an attempt to have history taught to upcoming generations.

Public education session, health fairs, community work and cultural activities are just some of the activities being planned for this year’s March 13th celebrations.

This is the first attempt at having a celebration of this magnitude.

The Grenada revolution committee comprises of six co-chair persons, each heading a specific area of the work being undertaken for the 40th anniversary of Grenada’s revolution.

Committee members include Ruggles Ferguson as Interim President, Glen Noel, Dr. Malachi Dottin, Brian Lindsay, Dr. Wendy Grenade and Dr. Winston Thomas.

The schedule of activities culminates with an academic conference from May 27th to the 29th under the theme “the Grenada revolution 40 years after: commemoration, celebration and critique.

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