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20th July 2024




In light of the recent decision taken by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to allow CAPE and CSEC students the option of deferring their 2021 examinations in part, or totality, to other sittings in 2022, the ministry of education is advising parents and students that while they can choose that option, the Ministry cannot guarantee tuition space for such students  at  their current school  or at any other  school, past the end of the current school year (2020/2021).

The ministry states that Form 5 students are expected to exit secondary schools at the end of an academic year and, by that action, space is made available for new entrants at the Form 1 level. This means that the Ministry may be unable to allow Form 5 students to remain for an additional year within a secondary school.

Form 5 students and their parents/guardians are being urged to weigh all options for continuity of learning, before deciding on a deferral.


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