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17th June 2024




Added to last night’s finalists, Kimberly Ince, Sara Dowden and Zackary Gresham, was our 15-17 Girls 4 X100 relay team which comprised: Kimberly Ince, Gabrielle Hyson, Sara Dowden and Tilly Collymore.

In the finals, Gresham swam a personal best time in the 50m Backstroke of 27.96 seconds, positioning 5th. In the girls 50 m Backstroke finals, Ince positioned 7th, while Dowden positioned 6th in her 100 m Butterfly finals.

The relay team positioned 6 th in a time of 4:16.00. The preliminary events on the opening day, yesterday, of the pool swimming championships saw improved times from Kimberly Ince (50m Back in a time of 31.59), Sara Dowden (100 Butterfly in a time of 1:07.65)Tilly Collymore (50m back in a time of 35.24 and in 100 Butterfly, a time of 1:15.06) and Nathan Fletcher (50 m Backstroke in a time of 29.56 and 100 m Butterfly , a time of 1:01.78).

The following photos capture the opening ceremony and our swimmers:

Source: GASA

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