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21st July 2024




Residents of belle view St. David along with motorist travelling the St. David’s route are calling on the relevant authority to address a huge boulder in the area they see as a disaster waiting to happen.

Last Thursday 2 houses were severely damaged in the parish of St John, due to a large rock that got loose from its resting place.

With the fear that this type of incident may reoccur again, residents and motorists in the St David’s area are calling on the ministry of Works to remove a huge rock seen as a threat to the lives of many.

The stone is located over the Requin, Belle View main road with two trees barely holding it to its place.

James Blackburn a resident of the area says most of the mud that has been holding the boulder over the years was washed away by heavy rain.

A truck driver stopped to share his concern on how dangerous the matter is for motorists.

Bus Driver for the Westerhall St David route Kenth Rennie is concerned that his life and the lives of his passengers are in danger daily.


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