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25th May 2024




Early detection saves lives. October being the month of awareness for breast cancer, the cancer society is encouraging women to get screened.

Their mobile unit will be available this Friday at the Esplanade Mall and SADO in Grenville will be conducting breast examinations.

With their focus on early diagnosis, screening and prevention, the cancer society continues its campaign in educating people about breast cancer.

Breast cancer mainly affects women between the ages 45-55; however younger women are known to have developed disease. The disease is also known to have affected males.

With limited resources to treat the disease and citing the social impact on families, gives reason for people to become more educated on Breast cancer.

Dr. Nixon says they have taken a three prong approach to dealing with breast cancer.

The medical doctor highlighted some of the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer as smoking, hormone replacement therapy; alcohol as well as it can be inherited among others.


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