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22nd June 2024




A proposed L’anse Aux Epines project, which includes the restoration of an apartment building destroyed during hurricane Ivan in 2004, is in the making.

This as a son of soil and agriculturist aims to establish a botanical gardens in Lance Aux Epines.

Renowned agriculturist Dennis Canning, who last year undertook the reconstruction of a number of agricultural roads in St Patrick and St Andrew, is embarking on another initiative aimed at preserving Grenada’s natural environment.

In addition to maintaining more than 30 combined acres of organic agricultural lands spanning three parishes – St Andrew St Patrick and St Mark, Canning is now venturing on establishing a mini botanical garden in L’Anse Aux Epines, St George.

The agriculturist is hoping to impart the importance of the value of the land, as well as the flora and fauna to our health especially unto our children.

His plan is to plant a tree of every important flower in Grenada.

Canning, who is Grenadian and lived many years in the US before returning home, has vowed to continue playing a key role in championing the cause of reducing weedicide and pesticide use.

Canning considers Grenada to be the “Eden’’ of the western hemisphere but expresses concern at the rapid pace of infrastructural development, without adequate allocation to agricultural development and land preservation.

He promises that the botanical garden/nature park at L’Anse Aux Epines will also provide a green relaxation space for the visiting public.

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