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21st July 2024




One medical practioner is reiterating the importance of health insurance, and the role it plays in alleviating costs when it comes to situations that may or may not be expected.

Health can be considered one’s most valued asset. Even if an individual is in good health, they’ll never know when they might have an accident or get sick.

Even an unexpected trip to the hospital can be much more costly than one might expect.

Having health insurance has many benefits. It protects you and your family from financial losses in the same way that home or car insurance does.

Health insurance is a contract that requires an insurer to pay some or all of a person’s healthcare costs in exchange for a premium.

More specifically, health insurance typically pays for medical, surgical, prescription drugs, and sometimes dental expenses incurred by the insured.

Health insurance can reimburse the insured person for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly.

Dr. Martin says Health insurance can be used as a measure of preventative healthcare.

The former Chief Medical Officer advised it is always good to have health insurance on hand in the event that someone would need private medical attention.

He urged Grenadians to not always rely on secondary healthcare or hospital care, especially with public healthcare reeling from the effects of the covid19 pandemic.

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