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25th May 2024




Monday October 28th saw the start of a two day conference on the China Caribbean Belt and Road Initiative.

It brought together a number of representatives including the eight CARICOM states that already signed arrangement.

The meeting was convened at the Radisson Grand Beach Resort.

The conference on the China Caribbean Belt and Road Initiative at the Radisson focused on accessing financing, infrastructural cooperation and Tourism Corporation.

Minister for foreign Affairs and co- chair for the conference Peter David, says the Belt and road initiative can provide an avenue to facilitate financing for development.

Small island developing states he says are faced with economic challenges that restrict their pace of development.

The foreign affairs minister highlights that the initiative presents Grenada with a range of concessional financing with reasonable terms and conditions and therefore what is feasible and affordable must be negotiated for the country.

The Belt and Road Initiative according to the foreign affairs minister covers a range of areas of cooperation.

Minister David explains that the intent of the Belt and Road initiative is to provide an avenue to facilitate financing for development by strengthening practical cooperation, enhancing policy coordination and deepen mutual benefits.

Su Wei head of the Chinese delegation spoke of China’s’ willingness to do business with the region. He expressed their intent to promote the implementation of housing projects, hospitals, community centers, roads, airports among other projects.

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