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21st July 2024




After constant complaints from motorists and pedestrians throughout the country about the bad condition of the roads and the patchwork that seems not to last, government now admits this may be due to a bad shipment of hot mix

Motorists have been calling on the government to provide better roads, as they say, bad road, adds an extra burden on their pockets to replace vehicle parts.

Addressing the issue of patching potholes with asphalt, citizens are referring to this as chewing gum or putty patches. Their reasoning is because as soon as the holes are patched, not long after they re-open.

Addressing Tuesday’s post-cabinet briefing Infrastructure Development Minister, Norland Cox acknowledges that his ministry is aware of the issues and has taken the necessary step to address them.

The Grand Etang area is one of the areas motorists are clamoring for resurfacing of the road.

Preparation work started last month and is something motorists are happy with.

Peter Charles, the officer in charge of the central road division explains what is being done.

The scope of work spans from 1910 down to Black forest.

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