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22nd April 2024




The National Democratic Congress foresees a serious battle ahead if the government don’t temper its actions and statements towards protesting public officers who are demanding their 4% salary increase due since January

One member of the party says the questioning of GUT President Jude Bartholomew on the weekend has only increased the protesters’ anger against their employer

Chairman of the National Democratic Congress St Andrew North-East Branch, Leo Cato says the questioning of President of the Grenada Union of Teachers, Jude Bartholomew on Saturday will only further aggravate them

He said the development is rather unfortunate as public workers and their trade union representatives continue to fight for payment of their 4% salary increase due since January

He added that the questioning of the union leader by members of the Criminal Investigations Department was in poor taste as several other social gatherings have not been questioned

He is convinced that the powers that be is attempting to suppress and scare the GUT which has been fronting the struggle for public officers

Cato is also adamant that government can pay public workers the 4% salary increase if it wants to.

After exiting the St David’s Police Station Saturday night GUT President Jude Bartholomew made it clear that his questioning give him new vigour to fight on saying protest actions will continue

Cato was the guest on Tuesday’s GBN’s to the Point program.


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