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25th May 2024




Starkey hearing foundation is on its first mission to Grenada.

Working in collaboration with the ministries of health and education, the Starkey Foundation is bringing aid devices to the hearing impaired.

The foundation will arrive on island this week and will provide the service for the next two years.

On Friday they will be at the Grenada Trade Center.

The School for the Deaf is one institution excited about the Starkey’s Foundation’s mission to Grenada.

Principal of the School, Michelle Brathwaite, explained the benefits of the hearing foundation to both teachers and students.

Interested individuals must first be tested before obtaining a hearing aid. Students with hearing difficulties were selected for the program through a circular sent to the schools.

Brathwaite says in order to maintain sustainability, training is essential.

The foundation will provide training to persons in the health and education fraternity.

The foundation caters to both adults and children with hearing difficulties.

A hearing aid is an assistive device used to amplify sounds for people suffering with hearing loss.


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