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20th July 2024




In a GBN newscast earlier this month, Fishermen told the news team that they are struggling to get their fish sold as fish from the small vessels are not being accepted for export to international markets.

Minister with responsibility for Fisheries, Yolande Bain Horsford met with fishermen, owners of fishing vessels, and fish exporters on Wednesday to address some of their concerns relating to the fishing industry.

Minister Bain Horsford said the concern for exporters is about the quality of the fish and that government is willing to assist the fishermen affected to improve the quality of their catch to supply to exporters.

Civil Aviation Minister Clarice Modeste Curwen earlier this month in response to the fishermen’s complaint said according to the main exporter of fish in the country, the quality of the fish from the smaller boats becomes compromised after long journeys.

Minister Bain Horsford said they will also address the issue of ice supply which is necessary to preserve fish.

A response welcomed by Exporter Allie Baptiste of Vineyard Limited.

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