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13th April 2024




A recent New National Party retreat could be the catalyst for an improved health system in Grenada.

The retreat on health, held in the parish of St. Mark, featured a major presentation by a regional consultant, which could see bigger budgets for the sector.

Social Development Minister Delma Thomas says government has taken a lot from the advice provided by the consultant, which includes direction on the way forward as well as identifying methods to finance health issues.

Minister Thomas says national health insurance was also a nail biting issue at the retreat, which is needed to fund the high cost incurred by medical care.

Government would be pushing ahead with the planned implementation of the national health insurance scheme, with a rollout for the early part of 2020.

She says at the retreat a number of resolutions were taken.

They include reviewing ways to ensure a better health care delivery system, pursuing options for better administrative outcomes and spending more on investing in physical situation at hospitals, equipment and training.


Thomas says the promotion of lifestyle changes was also highlighted to prevent health issues from developing, especially in light of growing medical cases in Grenada.

“Too many times we spend time eating fry foods and oily foods, even when we know we have diabetes, we consume so much sugary beverages… those are issues we must deal with… with providing proper education” Minister Thomas said.

What should be welcome news for health minister Nickolas Steele, who previously cited financial constraints as a factor affecting healthcare, minister Thomas impresses that government will increase funding for health.

Government she says will continue to explore administrative approaches, that would aid the more efficient delivery of healthcare and increase budgetary spending in the overall investment.


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