Grenada Broadcasting Network

18th May 2024




Caribbean-American legislators in New York City, Councilman Jumaane Williams and Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, have welcomed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s unveiling of “the largest, most comprehensive plan” in the United States to guarantee health care for every New Yorker, including un-documented Caribbean and other immigrants.

Williams is the son of Grenadian immigrants.

He represents the primarily Caribbean 45th Council District in Brooklyn, told the Caribbean Media Corporation; “I was glad to see the announcement that the city will be moving to expand healthcare access to uninsured New Yorkers through the expansion of our public option and through the ‘NYC Care’ program”.

While stating that many of the details of the plan still need to be expanded on, Williams said he was “excited by the concept of using the tools they have to expand healthcare to the six hundred thousand  New Yorkers currently left behind.

He said he is also excited that both physical and mental health are taken into consideration,” disclosing that his family has “worked across many areas of the healthcare industry.”

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