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17th May 2024




As Grenada joins the rest of the world in celebrating older people, human rights activist Milton Coy is exposing some of the challenges they experience.

October 1st is designated the international day of the elderly, with the entire month designated for senior citizens.

The issues of the elderly include rights to protection from abuse, support for the development of their well-being and the growing concerns of homelessness and loneliness.

Milton Coy, president of the Grenada Human Rights Organization Coy says a number of complaints have been made to the organization.

The (GHRO) believes bridging the generational gap is one way of curbing the negative experience that elderly people face.  There is also a need for public education and awareness on the aging process.

The internationally recognized theme; “The Journey to Age Equality”,  is aligned with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10, ‘Reduce inequality within and among countries’, and will focus on pathways of coping with existing and preventing future old age inequality.

A number of activities are also being planned to commemorate the occasion, including a public forum at the end of October.

GHRO Inc. is calling on government to increase its allocation – monetary and in kind, for the overall development of the senior citizens.

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