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25th May 2024




If you can’t beat them join them.

It may be difficult as a parent adjusting to the advancements in technology while ensuring the safety of your child is not compromised, even when they may put themselves in harm’s way.

A U.S. based Grenadian cyber security specialist is urging parents to become just as proficient with technology as their children.

The onset of the covid19 pandemic has resulted in the majority of schools using online platforms for learning.

It has brought the issue of privacy and children’s safety to the fore.

Cyber security specialist Joanne Mark, is urging parents to strike a balance in their children’s use of the internet.

Ms. Mark says, if children are left on their own, they could become addicted to their devices and this could lead down dangerous paths.

She says students could also trick their parents into believing that they are actually engaged in school assignments while in front of these devices when in fact they are engaged in non-educational activities.

Parents can counteract this by becoming more tech-savvy.

The Ministry of Education has provided schools with electronic devices to assist with E-learning. Officials have given the assurance that those devices have restrictions on the sites which can be visited that the devices  can be monitored by Ministry officials.

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