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24th June 2024




The National Bus Association is taking the necessary steps to ensure covid 19 remains at bay.

The association PRO issues a call to the traveling public to adhere to the health protocols in place, for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Do your part; we’ll do ours, that is the word from the NBA. Following the announcement on the weekend of a spike in the number of covid 19 cases on the island, Derek Mc Kenzie Public relations officer of the NBA said they’ll be leaving no stones unturned in ensuring safety of themselves and passengers.

Passengers are being asked to comply or else.

From his observation people have become a bit complacent and now there will be full adherence to the rules.

As we enter the Christmas season, this is his final message to the nation.

Bus operators remain a critical component to Grenada’s commerce in the absence of a national transportation system.

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