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21st May 2024




One young businessman is crying out for help, as he claims that his business is been oppressed by one individual who has been discouraging and hindering his livelihood.

37-year-old Rayan Smith is the owner of bunanzer stable and horseback riding company. The business, which has been operating for the past 15 years is well-known for, horseback riding in the Grand Anse area by locals and visitors.

Smith says he is frustrated and angry as he was denied his license to operate by one individual at the Grenada Tourism Authority.

The young businessman claims that this is not the first time he had a bad experience.

Smith says he has been trying to get off his feet as COVID-19 seriously affected his business and was about to take advantage of the 30 thousand dollar grant offered by the government to help boost his business and employ more young men. This cannot materialize if he does not have a license.

He is now calling on those in authority to look into the issue as his livelihood and that of others is at stake.

GBN sought a comment from the Grenada Tourism Authority who indicated that the GTA Act #42 of 2013 and the Tourist and Beach Vending Act#18 of 2001 require that all tourism stakeholders are inspected and certified before a license to operate for the period can be issued.

This inspection and certification process is done in collaboration with relevant authorities and agencies based on established criteria for the sector. The current licensing renewal period for 2022/2023 continues until September 30. No statement on Mr. Smith or his issue was addressed.


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