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21st April 2024




The relationship between inter-Caribbean airlines and Grenada continues to flourish, as the airline has upgraded its aircraft that provides straight flights between Grenada and Barbados. This will also facilitate additional flights between both countries.

With an aim to alleviate, the issues faced with inter-regional travel, and to create a suitable avenue for international travelers to come to Grenada.

The Grenada Tourism Authority with the assistance of Government, has successfully secured additional weekly flights, between Grenada and Barbados through Inter- Caribbean airlines.  As the relationship between the airline and GTA continues to grow, along with the needs of passengers. Inter Caribbean has also made the decision to upgrade the aircraft traversing the route to a 48th sitter (SEATER).

This was announced by Petra Roach CEO of Grenada Tourism Authority during the launch of the initiative on Thursday Morning.

Chairman of Inter Caribbean airways Lyndon Gardiner explains that the airline will erect a sub-office in Barbados to provide the best service they can.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchel was among the first passengers to travel with the Inter Caribbean 48th sitter seater ATR 42, 500 airplanes. IT made its first departure from Maurice Bishop International Airport to Barbados on Thursday Morning.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchel in expressing his excitement about being able to fly back and forth between the two countries in one day.

Inter-Caribbean recently launched its service to St.Kitts and Nevi

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