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24th July 2024




A collapsed building in the capital has reinforced the need for urgent attention to delapidated buildings.

Just around midday today portions of the old drillyard collapsed.

Some say it was an accident waiting to happen.

Unexpectedly, just around 12 noon Monday, a large portion of a dilapidated building overlooking the Sandal Tunnel came crashing down, depositing heap of boulders blocking the entrance to the tri-centennial Park.

With the clean-up process still taking place, it is hoped no one got hurt, as this is an area frequently used by people intending to relax in the park or use as a short cut to the General Hospital or police headquarters

The rest of the structure is now unstable.

For years the Willie Redhead foundation has been advocating for some attention to be given to abandoned and dilapidated structures around the town of St. George, citing the possibility of public danger.

Minister for Mobilization, Implementation and Transformation Andy Williams says the clean-up process has begun.

He went on to say that there is a need for an assessment of the area, as well as consultations with the relevant people.


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