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2nd March 2024




Is this a case of in-experienced or just an overzealous youth minister?

Is this a case where everything must go through him first?

Those questions have arisen following invitations to tender for a community project in St. George’s North East by the Parliamentary Representative, Ron Redhead.

On Monday a bulletin was posted on the Facebook page of the Parliamentary Representative for St. George North East Hon. Ron Redhead inviting persons to submit proposals for the completion of the Willis Basketball court upgrade.

The poster indicated that proposals should he sent to the constituency office.

It also indicated that interested individuals could send their proposals via Mr. Redhead’s email address.

Some have been questioning whether this is in keeping with statutory rules.

On December 4th a similar advertisement was featured on Mr. Redhead’s Facebook profile, at that time, calling for proposals to upgrade the Vendomme Community Centre and Playing Field draining system.

That facility is also located in his constituency and interested persons were advised to send applications to the St. George’s North East Constituency Office email address or to his government email.

In the last 24 hours, a Facebook Messenger thread appeared in the public domain in which an individual is thought to be lobbying for a public infrastructure project with a stated preference for someone within the constituency to land the job.

During the press briefing, the Prime Minister asked about the post inviting tenders was shared on the Facebook page of the Government Information Service.

As discussions focus on what should be proper procedures for  public works projects, attention has been brought to the perception that  Ron Redhead’s approach follows on from an age-old story book.

Some have homed in on comments made by the Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew North East, Kate Lewis-Peters during an event following last June’s elections.

The Prime Minister promised to have The Honorable Ron Redhead reach out to us after a conversation with him but up to the time of filing this report, we have not heard from him.


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