Grenada Broadcasting Network

21st May 2024




Major decisions are pending which can have dire effects on the incomes of Grenadians who may have to pay more for some goods and services.

While government will be extending the cap placed on the 20lb cooking cylinder, the cap on the fuel price at the pumps may be removed.

The NDC Government has hinted that the cap in fuel prices at the pump and the 25% reduction in the non-fuel charges for the Grenada Electricity Company may be removed.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchel at the Government post-cabinet briefing on Tuesday says that a final decision will be made in Cabinet next Monday.

GRENLEC has seen a loss of 4 million dollars in revenues due to the reduction says the Prime Minister. He also indicated that government has a 1-million-dollar debt due to the cap on fuel.

Meanwhile, other measures put in place by the previous administration to mitigate the cost of living in Grenada will be extended by the new Government to year-end.


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