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18th May 2024




The long awaited clean-up of derelict vehicles along our road ways is inching closer to realization.

This with the launch of the National Derelict Vehicle Clean-up Campaign on Wednesday.

It is a collaborative effort between the ministry of Infrastructure Development, the Grenada Solid Waste management Authority, the Royal Grenada Police Force and a Private Foreign partner whose name was not disclosed.

This project is aimed at reducing the amount of vehicle waste, such as parts and scrap metal going into the Landfill.

439-2019 is the Hotline number members of the public can call to report derelict vehicles in communities as well as to place requests for the removal of derelict vehicles.

This number becomes’ active from March 28th.

Richard Mc Phil Senior Technical Officer in the ministry of Infrastructure says they have already sourced a flatbed truck to be used for the purpose of collection.

Superintendent Randy Connaught, officer in charge of the traffic department reiterated that derelict vehicles pose a challenge, especially to emergency vehicles and have contributed to a number of road accidents.

The Solid Waste Management Authority hopes to also see a decrease in habitats for rodents and other stray animals and reduction and prevention in environmental degradation.

A derelict vehicle is described as any abandoned or discarded motor vehicle, or any motor vehicle left in a public place which is in a dilapidated condition that it cannot be safely used for the purpose of transportation. And also includes any part of such motor vehicle.

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