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24th June 2024




In recent times, the Caribbean region has endured multiple hazards in the face of climate change and natural disasters. These challenges are compounded by the high cost of fuel globally.

CARILEC and its member utilities have remained proactive in their pursuits to facilitate the transition of power systems to sustainable energy.

To assist with this, the Caribbean community (CARICOM) energy policy and regulations help desk has been established.

Collaborating with CARICOM to realize this milestone were the technical assistance program for sustainable energy in the Caribbean (TAPSEC) and the Caribbean electric utilities corporation (CARILEC); an association of energy solution providers and other stakeholders operating in the electricity industry in the Caribbean.

The purpose of the help desk is to provide CARICOM member states with the required technical support in order to cultivate an environment which promotes the critical transition to sustainable energy.

With over seventy percent (70%) of CARILEC member utilities operating in CARICOM member states, CARILEC’S collaboration with CARICOM on this venture was fitting.

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