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13th April 2024




Now that carnival is over and song writers as well as producers are either looking to create music in another genre or preparing for 2020, royalties to these parties would become all important.

Whether these executive producers of music have copyrighted their music is an important factor, as Grenadian music continues to trend internationally especially in the area of soca.

The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for music rights incorporated ECCO, while acknowledging the industry’s advancement, says however it lacks proper structure.

Vice Chair of the board of directors for ECCO Ian Sanchez says with the onslaught of Grenadian Soca on the international arena in recent years, Grenada’s music industry is far ahead of industry development.

However, he highlights that the support structure is lacking, which would ensure musicians; producers and writers capitalize on the benefits that should be derived.

Appearing on GBN’s Good Morning Grenada Programme, Sanchez impresses that governments need to step up and put structures in place.

The ECCO vice chair says it is disheartening to see artists expend enormous time and resources, with no surety that their music will be played.

With not many opportunities for artists to exploit their songs especially if it is not a hit, Sanchez notes that minimal returns are expected, except at carnival.

He says ECCO has gone beyond their line of duties even supporting the artists without managers.

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