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22nd June 2024




Ten American Peace Corps volunteers were sworn in on Wednesday.

They will perform their duties in a number of schools on the island for the next two years.

The swearing in ceremony was held at the Grenada Red Cross building Upper Lucas Street.

Wednesday’s Swearing Ceremony of 10 new US Peace Corps volunteers marked the 91st occasion of such in the Eastern Caribbean.

Since the group’s arrival in Grenada on August 3rd, they have been engaged in a four week training program, gaining knowledge of the country and the technical aspects of their task ahead.

The team will be dispatched at various schools throughout the country.

Feature speaker and former Managing Director at the Peace Corps, Eugene Gittens, in helping the new-comers to understand Grenada’s culture, recited some native folklore.

He urged the team to never give up amidst the challenges they may encounter and seek help when necessary from host nationals.

“At the same time our uniqueness also presents some challenges. And so I would like you to reflect on your training and that iceberg model of culture. Take your time to get to understand the culture, remain patient as it takes time to settle in and become integrated.”

The Peace Corps program in Grenada is part of a sub- regional project for the Eastern Caribbean.

Peace Corps first arrived in the Eastern Caribbean in 1961 and to Grenada in 1967.

Over the years, Peace Corps Volunteers have worked with local counterparts in the areas of youth and community development, education with special focus on literacy, small business development, health and special education.

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