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24th July 2024




With the heightened number of road accidents for the first quarter of 2019, Jaric Grenada was given the green light to execute a new road safety initiative.

Newly launched in Grenada, JARIC is partnering with a local insurance company to heighten awareness on the reality of road accidents.

“Don’t Wreck Your Carnival” is the message Jaric Grenada is sounding out to motorist this carnival season.

A simulation exercise was held on Wednesday.

En route to and from the Maurice Bishop International Airport was a prime spot to stage the simulation exercise, directed at motorist.

Managing Director of Jaric group of Companies, Eric Gibbs, says a big part of their portfolio is road safety.

This is just one of many sites where the exercise will be carried out around the country.

What he wants people to understand is that poor choices do have consequences.

“Our goal is to present that reminder that poor choices have consequences. The initiative, basically what you’re seeing being me, is a static display of a crashed car,” he told GBN on Wednesday. “Hence the name don’t wreck your carnival. So we want to give people a sober reminder of the choices that they make… the poor choices that could lead to crashes like this. We have chosen this site strategically because its on the way to and from the Airport and for carnival we have a lot of our guests coming in. We want to give them the reminder that this is could be a consequence of the choices you make.”

He says soon they will be launching their defensive driving program.

“The defensive driving program has been proven to reduce crashed. What we are going to be doing firstly is a knowledge transfer. So we are going to be training instructors from Grenada, who will be able to conduct our defensive driving program.”

In October a regional road safety conference will be held right here in Grenada.

This initiative was held in other Caribbean islands, where he says a reduction in the number of road accidents was recorded.

Speaking from the insurance prospective was operations manager of Nagico, Shauntel Bristol.

“As an insurance company our obligation is to settle claims and the magnitude of the accidents we have been getting is causing a strain on the insurance industry. So we have come together as a group, we had a couple of meetings and we are trying to implement couple strategies that would assist with the reduction of the accidents.”

Bristol added she believes the defensive driving will assist both young and experienced drivers to become more prepared in handling difficult situations on the road.

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