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25th May 2024




The Minister of Culture and the CEO of the Spicemas Corporation are encouraging all stakeholders to work together to ensure the successful execution of Grenada’s Carnival 2020.\

Last Wednesday evening, winners in the various categories of Spicemas 2019 were presented with their prizes, at the official prize giving ceremony held at the Kirani James athletic stadium.

CEO of the Corporation Kelvin Jacob said while taking up the mantle has been a challenge, he looks forward to 2020 and he encourages all key players to continue to work together.

Minister of Culture Sen Norland Cox gave high commendation to those who made the recently concluded carnival a worthwhile experience.

He said the increase in visitor arrivals for Spicemas 2019 is testament that Grenada puts on a spectacle that the world anticipates.

Spicemas 2020 will be launched on May 2nd 2020.


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