Work To Rule From Monday

Teachers are initiating a new form of industrial action from Monday.

The Grenada Union of Teachers dispatched a  memorandum to shop stewards instructing them that effective Monday December 3rd, work to rule goes into full force.


This means that all extra-curricular activities will be affected, as teachers will only do the barest minimum required and no extra duties which have become the norm.


Sources tell GBN News that some teachers have indicated that Christmas parties are among activities to be axed. There have been reports of  the suspension of Brownies Clubs and sporting events.


The work-to-rule is a follow up to a threat made by the GUT President General, Lydon Lewis who outlined a number of activities that would be affected if government proceeded with the threatened docking of workers wages following recent industrial action.  

The government said in a weekend press statement that it has been looking into claims about some inaccuracies in processing deductions from some employees.

A weekend statement from the Ministry of Education stated that government had on Friday started to pay teachers, who reported for work during the industrial actions, but had monies taken from their November salary. According to the release, the Ministry of Finance released payment to several banks and credit unions on behalf of some of the affected employees.


The Ministry of Education says it is open to receiving information from other workers, until the matter is fully addressed.


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