Members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) say they are saddened and depressed that Grenadians did not approve Tuesday’s referendum, to make the Caribbean Court of justice its final appellate court. However, the party says it is not surprised at the results.

Acting Political Leader, Joseph Andall and NDC member Claudette Joseph who contested the  town of St George constituency in the last general elections,   believe that the CCJ was approved by the people in principle but the bill was defeated because of the way in which the process was executed.

Joseph told members of the media on Thursday that she voted no, taking into consideration the varying issues, includeing the lack of protection for the CCJ judges from political interference.


The NDC representatives told a news conference on Thursday that they felt Tuesday’s referendum result showed that the concerns expressed, were not only those of the party but of a large cross section of the populace.


The party believes that the education process and the challenges facing the judiciary are among issues which should have been addressed before going to the people with the CCJ bill.


Political Parties were  criticized for their involvement in the process and how they went about the education process.


 Andall says this concern was “too little, too late” as the process had already been politicized from the very beginning of the CCJ conversation.


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